Brighton – A Town In Sussex

RSCh-panoramaThe modern boundaries of the county of Sussex largely reflects the traditional borders of the ancient kingdom that went by the same name.

The biggest draw in the county is Brighton. With its pier, bright lights and British seaside life, it is one of the most popular counties to visit.

If you want to experience great British seafood, then this could be the place for you. While many people think that Britain’s idea of a good meal is fish and chips, then you need to think again. Fish and chips are amazing in their own right, but Brighton also has a thriving fine dining scene with some very talented chefs that do some pretty amazing things with local catches.

On the flip side, there are plenty of venues that offer good old British staples such as Cod and Chips, Haddock or Plaice – it all depends on how creamy you like you fish.

There is also the nightlife side of Brighton with its many clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants that cater for anything from a lads or girls night out, to stag or hens weekends.

Brighton and its surrounding conurbations is home to about half a million people. It is known for being an escape for weary Londoners who travel there for weekends seaside getaways. It is also home to another seaside town in Bognor Regis. In the past, this seaside escape was a gentrified place, but things have changed over the years ans more and more young people visit to experience it s laid back charm.

You might not think that Sussex could offer more than country walks or boozing, but there is plenty to see and do. It is one of those places that you have to experience to understand. Walking down Brighton’s main street, you are just as likely to meet a leather-clad pink haired goth as an old lady in hair rollers doing her shopping. The diversity is both charming and welcoming.