Things To Do Around Hastings

inside-flag-photoYou might think that the only thing that is interesting about Hastings is the battle which took place there, but there are plenty of other things to do in this part of the world.

Discover a fishing town and tradition

Hastings was built on a tradition of fishing. Before the Roman Empire arrived, it was a fishing village. It turned into a port to export iron but when the Romans left it became a fishing village once again.

Take a trip to the Hastings Fisherman’s museum to get a feel for what life was like for the hardy men who risked life and limb to bring home a catch. The museum is open every day and also features original vessels. You can also visit the Shipwreck Museum which is nearby. Entrance is free.

Smuggling trails

Every seaside village and port has some stories to tell and Hastings has its fair share. You can visit St. Clement’s Caves to see exactly how illicit goods used to be brought into England and sent to France. Just like today, organized crime was a fixture of life and you can experience this through the Smugglers Adventure.

Beach Time

The South Coast of England does enjoy some fantastic weather in the summer months. It can be hit and miss, but there are some scorching days. It might seem cliché, but sitting on the beach with a 99 Flake and a Mr. Whippy ice cream has a comforting feel about it, however the water is pretty cold all year round! Hastings beach is spectacular and is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to chill out.

Take a walk

Hastings is nestled in a stunning part of the U.K. Those who are of an active disposition may want to experience the Coastal Cultural Trail. Depending on fitness levels, this can turn into a 25 mile walk with plenty of different trail options for ramblers who want to venture off the beaten track.