Using Development Platforms To Create Apps

Mobile Application Development Platform 2016The county of Sussex is often thought of as a bit of a backwater rural area, but there has been growing investment in the technology and tourism industries.

More and more startups and scale up companies are beginning to take advantage of cheap rent and skilled workers that come straight out of Sussex’s Universities, champing and the bit and trying to find jobs.

It is believed that in the UK, only 15 % of startups go on to register a profit. But there are some incredible hotpots, and 85% of companies registered and housed within Sussex Innovation go on to become profitable businesses.

These days, most companies also need their own dedicated apps. Everyone uses their smart phone to keep track of appointments and a business not having an app is thought of as a sign of being ‘cheap’.

So how do you make your own app? Easy. These days there are internet based companies such as that are completely dedicated to developing apps. There are plenty of tutorial videos available on the site itself to see what the software has to offer and how you can use it. The platform can be used to develop apps for both Android and iOS operating systems.

There are also plenty of testimonials to read about how some people with basic coding knowledge tapped into the skills of the company’s support team and went on to develop their own fully fledged app.

The sky really is the limit these days. The developers have put together a seamless package that allows developers to let their clients experience the development of the app at any state, through allowing real time logins.

This software has been used to design anything from apps that track your daily steps or walking distance, to internet security and even cab hailing.